Mom goes to visit tardy 6-year-old son during lunch only to learn he’s ‘publicly shamed’ by teachers

January 6, 2019 Stories

In the spring of 2015, a 6-year-old boy arrived late to school in Grants Pass, OR. His family was having car trouble that day, and his mom Nicole knew that her son would be getting in trouble for being late to school.

During lunch, Nicole visited Hunter to see if he was doing okay — but she was shocked when she walked into the lunch room and discovered his detention was not what she expected. Nicole saw Hunter seated all alone at a table with a cardboard partition blocking his view, preventing him from seeing or making contact with other students. There was also a cup with a “D” written on it, which he said stood for detention. He was crying and felt humiliated.

Nicole was so upset by what she saw that she snapped a photo of Hunter right there in the cafeteria and vowed to do something about it. She was outraged, especially since Hunter wasn’t even late to school very often.

After Hunter’s enraged grandmother reposted the photo online, it quickly went viral.

Not only did Nicole’s community agree with her, but they banded together to make sure Hunter was never late to school again by doing something incredible.

Stories like this one simply warm our hearts.

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