Mom Gives Birth To Kittens In The Cold Season, Watch What She Does To Keep Them Warm.. NICE!

June 1, 2017 Videos


Linda works for the Animal Care Council, and she’s a very kind-hearted human who loves to fed cats and keep them safe. The cats run around and play in the couple’s big yard. One day, she decided to get the cats neutered so they wouldn’t multiply too much. She also learned that one of the cats had given birth, and she needed to get those “kids” to a warmer place away from the dropping temperatures.

To do that, she enlisted the help of Des of the Cat Catching Crew.  Des does a good job, but that didn’t prepare her for a surprise when she went out to rescue the cat family. On reaching the cat’s hideout, they were met with a sight they didn’t quite expect. They expected to find the little ones all cold and miserable, but that wasn’t the case. Their mama was smarter!

Turns out, the mama cat had dragged some hay straws into a bin to make a warmer spot for her new family. Wow!

The cats got rescued and are now all safe and sound awaiting adoption to their forever loving families. Watch and SHARE this lovely story!

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