Mom and daughter enjoy their meal while foster son starves—then a disgusted stranger approaches

April 1, 2018 Stories


Taking advantage or hurting a kid is one of the most shameful things which can ever happen. Though that is the case, thousands of children in America placed under the foster care system experience neglect and abuse from those who are supposed to show them love. It is more hurting to learn that some decide to become foster parent with the aim of cashing in the monthly remuneration. If we associate our kids with paychecks, then it means suffering will be the order of the day. The social experiment below is entitled What Would You Do and it features a foster mom who undermines her foster son and on the other hand favors her biological daughter while serving dinner.

She lets her daughter take whatever she wishes on the menu and informs him he only has to spend $4. When her daughter misbehaves, he is the one who is reprimanded and the woman tells him no person will ever adopt a child like him. Crying is the only thing he can do. Even when in the darkest moment of your life, there is always a light of hope from somewhere. Another woman shows up and buys the boy whatever he wants and is ready to do everything to ensure the kid is comfortable – even reporting the abusive mother to the authorities.

Although this is a social experiment, these are things which happen around us and it is our responsibility to end them and change the world.

Watch people’s responses in the video below:
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