Mom with ALS can’t walk for wedding dance, groom drops to his knees and brings the room to tears

August 31, 2017 Stories

Of all the wedding videos we’ve come across, this one is nothing like the old, and for good reasons!

It is Kristeena’s wedding day, but things get hotter when her groom, Luke, decides to hit the floor with his mom. Luke’s mom suffers from ALS and is on a wheelchair, but Luke doesn’t care about that and needs to dance with his mom on this special day!

Watch them as they move to the beat of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Of course the emotion overwhelms the mom and she tears up, but her son goes on to wipe her tears away. So touching!

The whole family is present, and they surround the two as they dance themselves to joy. Kristeena can’t hold it down, and she cries with happiness as she watches her mom-in-law having the moment of her lifetime with her husband. I had to pause and wipe away some tears too!

Kristeena admits that she never experienced something as touching as this before.This dance will get your eyes wet! Watch the video and please SHARE with all your Facebook friends!