Missing Boy Found After 13 Years

October 3, 2017 Stories

This little boy was taken from his family when he was young. Now after being away from the family for 13 years he was discovered. This missing guy was away a long time and was finally able to get to go home.

This young man was 18 years old and living in Ohio. He had no idea that he was really a missing boy all the way from Alabama. When he applied for college his real identify was found. He was just five years old when he was taken away.

This boy found out that his social security number did not match his name. When he went to investigate this his name got a hit in the national database for missing children. He was reported missing and no idea. When he was young his father took his away from his mother.

They lived under a different name. Now after all of this time the truth comes out. His family in Alabama was glad that he was safe and cannot wait to meet him.
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