Michael Bublé & Wife Are Asking For Prayers After Their Son Receives a Devastating Diagnosis

June 8, 2017 Stories

Heartbreaking news for the singer..
#1 Baby Noah
Singer Michael Bublé and his wife revealed to the world that their three-year-old Noah was diagnosed wich cancer recently…sending shockwaves around the world.

#2 The Announcement

Michael updated his fans with a Facebook post, letting them know his son is currently seeing the top U.S specialists.

“I think being a dad gives you perspective. I think really being a parent is a massive blessing. It’s allowed me to understand deeply that what I do for a living—creating music and art and getting to be a part of a fragrance or a movie—is my job. It isn’t what defines me. What defines me is I’m Noah and Eli’s dad.”

#4 More Than Life
“I love them more than I’ll ever love anything, or anyone in the whole universe. I think it gave me perspective on life that I think I very badly needed. It’s hard to be able to quantify that level of love.

I didn’t even know that there was that color in the spectrum. I didn’t know that level of love existed. But it makes me better at everything. It allows me to pull more emotion and be more honest and to be in the moment.”

Everyone keep the family in your thoughts, they could use all the positive energy right now!