Meet Thumbelina, The World’s Smallest Horse That’s Melting Everyone’s Hearts

December 17, 2017 Pets

There are many animals in the world that are very cute and attractive to the eyes of every human being. Some have occupied parts of people’s hearts and make them lively every time they get to see each other again. So kittens and puppies are enough to put a smile on someone’s face.

Not all animals are cute until you meet the mini horses. They are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. Their little tummies and their lovable doe eyes are what people prefer to the other animals. Therefore, very few can beat them at being cute.

Thumbelina, the little mini horse is special for a few reasons. She is actually the smallest horse ever and most adorable one in the planet.
Thumbelina was born in 2001 to two miniature horse parents. She lives on Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri. From this place, everyone finds her as the apple of their eyes, you just take a look and see for yourself what exactly the reason is.

Thumbelina is under the care of Paul, Kay and Michael Goessling. She is now at 17 and half inches tall. The very actual height. She is at a mere 57 pounds of weight. Meaning that she is very small that you can pick her up and walk with her around.

Despite the fact that she is the cutest horse of all time, she is also a record holder. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized her as the smallest and fully grown horse in the universe.

Thumbelina was born with dwarfism. This condition therefore requires the horse to put certain type of shoes that allows her to run with the other horse.

The owners do make visits to children’s hospitals with her just to bring a smile to the faces of the kids. Her unique size makes her suitable for interaction with the kids.

The size, the shape, the cuteness and every single thing of hers is an awesome pack into this tiny body. Thumbelina is the very horse that every person will want her to be on her side every time.