This Massage Therapist’s Photo Shows Real Impact Of Hairdressing On Stylists’ Bodies

November 24, 2017 Stories


Most of us get our hair cut every month or two. Some people go back to the same stylist time and time again, for many people getting their hair done is almost like therapy.

Many think that working as a hairdresser is an easy job but it is more challenging that people would think. This is going to show how hard the life of a hairstylist or a massage therapist can be.

This post from a massage therapist on Facebook has gotten over 24,000 shares and 11,000 reactions.

A hairdresser wrote that they spend hours on their feet holding and brush and a hairdryer. After a while your muscles begin to hurt.

So when you put down your scissors it may not always work. Exercise can help to reset your muscles.

Next time you get your hair done just picture how much your hairdresser really does for you.
If you do not take care of your body properly you may experience issues down the line.

Gua sha is a form of Chinese medicine that is said to stimulate the blood flow and help the body heal.

Hairdressers do experience a lot of muscle pain and Chinese massage treatments may help the pain that they feel.

Gua sha is able to heal the body and prevent further injuries from occurring. This treatment will help health the body right away.

Hairdressers need to take care of themselves. They provide services for others but often forget about their own body and well bring.

Hairdressers are getting international attention.
Hairdressers want to make it clear that they do not cause bruises or hurt others when they are doing hair.

For hairdressers that are getting sore there are many treatments that can help them so they can keep doing hair for humans and for our pets such as dogs as well. Every job will cause some degree of discomfort but with the proper care hairdressing does not have to.