Married Couple Both On Life Support, Refuse To Let Go of Each Other’s Hands When They’re Pulled Off It

April 23, 2018 Stories

Jim and Cindy Mininni’s love for each other is truly something to learn from.. They were together since the moment they met each other.. and nothing could stand being apart for even a moment.

Even in their final moments together in this world, they couldn’t stand to spend their last moments away from each other. The heart-wrenching incident happened eight years ago when their vows of love were put to the test.

Jim was unfortunately diagnosed with lung cancer, His wife, Cindy, was always there by his side supporting him and taking care of him through the numerous sessions of the painful chemotherapy. Jim was so strong and fought with all of his might, but cancer never went into full remission.

With a chance of 10% of life chance, Jim was taken to another hospital to spend his last few days in as much comfort as possible.

But as if the heartbreak was too much for her, Cindy herself suffered from a heart attack during this whole ordeal and was placed in another hospital for treatment.

As Jim’s life began to slowly ebb away, Chris was busy driving from one hospital to the other while paying his parent’s rent.

But in the final hours of his father’s life, something incredible happened…

Chris Mininni
Jim and Cindy Mininni’s story begins 24 years ago when they fell madly in love with each other.

They dated for a while, but when Cindy found out she was pregnant, she was a bit nervous about telling her then boyfriend.

But when she finally did, his reaction was certainly a lot better than she could have expected!


Chris Mininni

He burst into tears of happiness, and from that moment on they were an incredibly happy family.

When little Chris was born, Jim had finally gotten what he wanted most in life: to be a father and a husband.

But his love and pride for his family only got stronger as the years went by and he saw his son grow up to become a man.


Facebook / Chris Mininni

But life can become rocky in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, Jim was diagnosed with lung cancer. He fought bravely and underwent rounds and rounds of chemo treatments, but the cancer never went into full remission.

Eventually, it became clear that Jim wasn’t going to live much longer.


Facebook / Chris Mininni

But Chris and his beautiful mother were always there to support him in his fight.

Even when facing the threat of death, Chris could always count on his mother to be strong and inspire him to be a better person himself.

Through his father’s cancer, the two bonded and became even closer than they ever imagined possible.


Chris Mininni

Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, they did.

As Jim was taken to a hospital to spend his final days, Cindy suffered a heart attack and was taken to another hospital in a different city.

Jim wasn’t going to last much longer, and it seemed like the woman who he was never apart from in life wouldn’t be there to say goodbye one final time.


Facebook / Chris Mininni

As Jim’s health quickly began to decline, it became apparent to his doctor’s and Chris, that he was in his final moments.

Unable to speak because of the tube in his mouth, and a new-found tumor blocking his breathing, Jim scrawled something on a piece of paper that instantly got the attention of the entire staff:


Though they had tried to get Cindy transferred to Jim’s hospital, it had been denied.

But the staff used every bit of tenacity they had to reunite this couple to be in each other’s company, where they best belonged.

But time was running short, and everyone knew that this moment could be lost forever…


Facebook / Chris Mininni

Unconscious, due to the treatments for her own battle, they finally managed to get Cindy transferred.And as Jim slowly faded away he got to hold the hand of the woman who had always been by his side.

Unaware of where she was, Jim got to say goodbye to his sleeping beauty, the mother of his children, and the love of his life.

He held her in his arms as his own body began to shut down.


Facebook / Chris Mininni

When Cindy later awoke, she was heartbroken at the news of her husband’s death.But thankfully, Chris had thought to snap some pictures of this moment to share with her.

The pictures have been a great source of comfort for her as she continues her own recovery.

And while they might be separated by the chasm of life and death for the current moment, we can all take solace in the fact that one day, these two will be once again reunited, never to leave each other’s sides again.

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