Man stuns all when he tries to hug an untamed lion

October 18, 2017 Other

Kevin Richardson, a South African animal keeper, does something that might raise some eyebrows. But he is on a mission to reveal a different face to the intangible King of the Jungle.

In the appealing 2013 recording below, Richardson welcomes the GoPro production team along for a memorable ride. Richardson has created a healthy relationship with the untamed lions close to Pretoria, South Africa, that he has been acknowledged as one of them.

This intimacy lets Richardson know these noble creatures on a higher level than formerly thought achievable, monitoring every creature’s conduct, nature, and feelings as an affiliate of their arrogance.

Richardson has created such significant relationships with these lions that he puts his hand in one of their mouths with no fear of being nibbled; convinced in the confidence they share. On his site, Richard the plans for Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, that he anticipates will offer a self-sufficient African carnivore shelter for the functions of untamed species protection through awareness, education, and funding.This is particularly in regards to the quick decline of big carnivores in Africa owing to home loss, human-marauder conflict, unprincipled hunting, infection, and their illicit trade.

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