Man Spots Something Caught in Flood Waters, Jumps Out of The Car and Arrives Just in Time

November 13, 2017 Other

Some people have hearts of gold. They can lay down their own interests in favor of the greater good. The guy in this clip is such a person. You won’t believe what he did!

So it’s heavily raining in Tallin, Estonia. These two guys are driving down the flooded streets. As they go about, one of them spots a little cat almost to get drowned on the other side of the street. What he does? Wait for it!

Sometimes, in an emergency, there’s no time to consider a number of options. You just go with what’s on your mind at the time. It’s called basic instinct, and that’s exactly what this guy used on this occasion. He figured that calling emergency rescuers would be pointless since the cat would have been drowned and died before they could even respond, so he took matters into his own hands!

Do you want to know what happened? Watch the video below and get the full story and let us know what you think about the brave act.

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