Man sneaks on unassuming woman as shoppers stand by – grocery store surveillance captures his scary plan

June 10, 2018 Other

When you are in the supermarket grocery shopping, you may think it’s best for you to stick your purse to the cart and continue with your task. You’d never imagine that this action would be bad. However, this habit is much dangerous than you may think and that’s what this footage captured on a grocery store surveillance system shows: a scary new trend – and experts are sending a strong warning to people to stay cautious.

Inside Edition started its investigation concerning this new purse-snatching trend, they couldn’t believe the discovery. While probably everyone thought that the thieves are working alone, security footage reveals a new trick all shoppers needs to pay attention to. Not only is this technique practically foolproof, but as you will soon see it is also completely preventable.

Working in pairs, watch the calculated way these two men sneak up on an unassuming woman in the produce section. Not only do they manage to run off with her wallet, but she doesn’t suspect a thing. Going undercover, Inside Edition set out to test this tandem purse-snatching technique, and the results were grim. See the sneaky new way thieves are targeting shoppers in the video below.

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