Man Risks His Life To Save A Puppy Stuck On The Edge Of A Dam

November 1, 2019 Dogs

Heroes are found all over the world. This fact is also confirmed by a video from Russia, in which one stranger delighted many animal lovers.

When the unlucky puppy was stuck on the edge of a dam, the stranger immediately came to his rescue!

Подбери Собаку, Facebook
Three years ago, the web was surrounded by a video clip from Russia, in which we can see a dog in trouble. He stood on the edge of HPP dam and found no way back. That’s why good people came to his aid.

Some man risked his life to save the dog from danger. He approached the puppy on the dam, pulled him to safety and, through his action, impressed many online.

The end of the video does not reveal the entire rescue of the dog, but the authors have stated that it is now safe. Look at the scenes from Russia, in which good people saved a helpless puppy’s life!