Man Plays Famous Song on 18-String Guitar. His Rendition is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away

May 28, 2018 Stories

The “Sound of Silence” is one of my favorite songs. Several musicians have done covers of Simon and Garfunkel’s song.

Jamie Dupuis has done a captivating and haunting version of the song. Jamie is composer and guitarist from Canada. He performed the song using his 18-string harp guitar.

Watch his performance and see why people love his mesmerizing performance.

Jamie’s harped guitar is distinctive since it has additional one or more plucked strings that float on top. The harp creates a beautiful sound when strummed softly. Coupled by the breathtaking and beautiful forest where Jamie sits, the song and his performance make the perfect combination.

Simon and Garfunkel recorded the song in 1964 and it hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Paul wrote the song for 21 years.
Years later, “The Sound of Silence” remains an all-time favorite for the music lovers.

Jamie does not sing the lyrics but you can hear the lyrics playing in your head.

Jamie’s performance has attracted a lot of positive comments. One YouTube user commends him for the exhilarating performance.

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