Man makes his sister with Down Syndrome feel like a supermodel

October 30, 2017 Stories

Chris Garafola is a male model. He loves his sister, Brittany. Brittany has Down’s Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop Chris from hitting her with cute surprises that make her days and put smiles on her lips. You won’t believe what he pulled off on her birthday!

Brittany always wanted to be a model, so Chris, he being one already, decided to help his elder sister realize her dream. In the clip, you can see donning various beautiful dresses and posing for photo-shoots like a true model.

Her makeup is on point too!

See how the two siblings run around and pose with flowers. This must have been the greatest day of her life. Chris shared the video on YouTube, and now it’s firing up the whole internet. This is just so good!

Click on it here and watch it all. You’ll fall in love with this.

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