Man lives on disability checks , takes old blanket to auction —but when bids soar over $1 million, he’s totally speechless

February 3, 2018 Stories

Family heirlooms may mean so much to one person, and nothing to another.

The PBS program was filming a segment several years ago in Tucson, AZ. A man dropped a blanket that he had inherited from his aunt. It looked like a normal blanket until the appraiser made a stunning discovery. The blanket was an old Navajo blanket that was valued between 350,000 to 500,000 USD.

The man was not the only one that was taken aback. LT watched the episode, and the blanket captured his attention. Apparently, LT had inherited a similar blanket and wondered how much it would cost.

LT brought the blanket to the appraiser. The appraiser almost fainted after confirming it was a true Navajo weaving.

LT later learned there were about 50 such blankets in existence and were woven during the 1840 and 1850. LT’s blanket was initially valued at $50,000, but the estimate went up to $200,000.

The blanket was later sold at an auction in July for $1.5 million.
LT deserved the miracle since luck had been on his side. Watch the amazing story below and SHARE on Facebook.