Man hooks up 500,000 Christmas lights to his piano – leaves entire neighborhood in awe when he starts to play

December 16, 2018 Stories

If you think you’ve already seen the most beautiful Christmas performance, it’s probably because you haven’t laid your eyes on this one video that’s now threatening to take over the internet. It’s all about these popular guys and what they can do to a quiet neighborhood. Brace for it!

They’re called the Piano Guys, and as the name suggests, the piano is their main thing. We’ve watched in awe videos of these famous people performing on The Great Wall of China, the beautiful hills of Scotland, and even at the Corcovado mountain. Well, this time around, they’re moving their action to a neighborhood in America, and guess what!

500,000 lights, 46,000 watts, 4,900 channels, plus a drone to capture the action! These guys spent days preparing the scene for what would end up attracting the cops! By the time they’re done, you’ll be yearning for a replay!

Watch the full action right in this video here and give these guys an applause. If you think they did great, hit the SHARE button and out that clip on Facebook right now!