Man Has Hilariously Frustrating Call With Bank After His Great Aunt Passes Away

December 17, 2017 Stories

Customer service operators are notorious for being difficult to deal with. It’s not necessarily their fault, because they often have their hands tied due to the nature of their jobs; still, that doesn’t make it any less of a chore.

That was certainly the case for one man, who took on the responsibility of calling the bank after his aunt died and obviously could no longer make payments. What they said to him was shocking… but his response was priceless!

“This April, my great aunt died. The bank billed her for their monthly service charge in May and June on her credit card, adding late fees and interest as they normally would on a monthly basis. (The balance had been $0.00, but was now about $70.) I called the bank, and had the following conversation.”

“I would like to let you know that my aunt died in April,” I explained.
Bank: “The charges still apply, since the account was never closed.”
Me: “Are you going to turn it over to collections?”
Bank: “We already have, since it’s two months late.”

Me: “When they find out that she passed away, what will they do?”
Bank: “They’ll either report her for fraud, or redirect her to the credit bureau, if not both.”
Me: “Oh wow. Do you think she’ll go to Hell?”
Bank: “What?”

Me: “Do you understand what I’ve been saying? That she’s dead?”
Bank: “You’ll have to talk to my manager, sir.”
(Manager is placed on the line.)
Me: ”Hi, I’ve been trying to tell you that my aunt, who owned this account, died in April.”

Bank: “We’re still applying the charges, since she never closed her account.”
Me: “Are you saying that you’re collecting from her estate?”
Bank: “Who are you, her lawyer?”
Me: “I’m actually her great nephew.”

Bank: “Can you fax us her death certificate?”
Me: “Sure.” (Certificate is faxed.)
Bank: “Our system just isn’t set up for death…”
Me: “Oh…”

Bank: “I don’t know what more I can do to help.”
Me: “It would be great if you could figure it out, but she genuinely will not care if you keep billing her.”
Bank: “The charges and late fees still apply.”
Me: “OK. I’ll give you her new billing address, if you want?”

ank: “That might help.”
(I give them the plot number of the cemetery where she’s buried.)
Bank: “Uh sir… that’s a cemetery.”
Me: “Well, where do you put dead people when they die?!”

Hopefully the operator finally got the message. In any event, if a dead person keeps getting charged, who is really getting hurt?

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