Man Hears Neighbor’s Dog Howling at The Door, Finds Out He’s Been Left All By Himself

December 26, 2017 Pets

In the videoprovided, viewers see that sometimes good things can result from heartbreaking circumstances. In Fresno, California, a loyal hound sat on her family’s doorstep and cried for days, just waiting to be let inside. However, that was not possible because her owner had moved away, leaving the abandoned canine to fend for herself.

Fortunately, a neighbor saw the dog and, knowing the owner had moved away and left the animal behind, posted a plea to Facebook to find help for the dog. Luckily, a local woman, named Shirley Martindale-Horner, responded to the post and sought out the neglected canine.

Her first step was to take the dog to a groomer, so the animal could be cleaned up after her unfortunate ordeal. Horner named the dog Aubrey and the canine drew quite a following on the Internet.

The photos of Aubrey were circulated all over the Internet and via social media platforms, resulting in a flood of messages and support from onlookers. While the canine might have endured a harrowing period, the abandoned dog ended up finding a new forever home in short order after her original owner moved away and left her behind.