Man Brings His Service Dog To A Prison Yard For A Very Unexpected Reunion

May 23, 2018 Other

Dogs are amazing animals. Not only do they have distinct personalities and unwavering loyalty to their owners, but they can actually help those who are suffering medically and need to improve.

Iraq War veteran Bill Campbell suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in him receiving full disability. In order to help him regain the life that had so drastically changed, he was given a yellow Labrador named Pax. The two bonded so deeply that Bill wanted to meet the trainer who molded Pax into the kind service animal he loved so much.

But the reunion was far more unpredictable than anyone involved could have imagined…

Bill Campbell, an Iraq war veteran, suffered a traumatic brain injury while overseas and was required to go on full disability. This was heartbreaking for him and his family. It was going to be a long recovery process that would require patience and a lot of assistance.


To help make Bill’s transition back into civilian life as smooth as possible, a yellow Labrador named Pax was given to him to help with his daily needs. Pax was specially trained at the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility in New York. Needless to say, their connection was like any other…


Pax was such an astounding help that Bill wanted to take him back to the place where he was trained and meet the special woman who was responsible for his new four-legged lifeline. So, he decided to head to the Bedford Hills correctional facility for a face-to-face meeting.


As soon as Bill and Pax arrived on the premise, Pax became noticeably excited. He knew this was where he had spent many of his years with loving trainers. He hadn’t been back to the facility since Bill adopted him and was eager to see his old stomping grounds. Little did he know, he was about to be reunited with an old friend…


Watch the video below to see how Pax reacted the moment he realized the surprise that facility workers had in store for him. It must have made Bill and his family so happy to see Pax reunited with his buddy!

It’s clear that Pax is one exceptional service dog, and it’s so great that he has been able to touch so many lives through this rehabilitation program!

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