Man begins playing piano; then a woman decides to join in and create a jaw-dropping performance

May 1, 2018 Other

One talented guy was playing piano at the recent NAMM show in Anaheim. the crowd stopped in their tracks when they noticed how much he’s talented. Dressed like a Broadway character and playing a groovy boogie woogie song. He played the piano with so much passion the audience was impressed

A woman walked up to him and sat next to him showed her enthusiasm for his skills by clapping and cheering him on as he continued playing, rousing the crowd even more. But it’s her next move that left everyone frozen in their tracks.

The woman turns to the audience and says “I want in on this!” She then joins in playing the piano showing that four hands are definitely better than two. They start to seriously nail the perfect duet.

Moments later, they cross hands while playing and end up exchanging places on the piano bench without missing a single beat.

These two are playing a boogie song and they’re not even dancing, but it’s a treat to watch these talented musicians play in perfect harmony and all the time with a smile on their faces.

Watch the video of the two of them below. They are not only great to listen to but mesmerizing to watch.
If this doesn’t inspire the musician in all of us then I don’t know what will! It’s a performance that I will never forget.

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