Mailman is About to Deliver Letters. House Cat’s Comeback Has Millions in Stitches

October 11, 2017 Dogs

If you thought dogs are the only pets that give mailmen a hard time, this video will introduce you to something new, this crazy cat was just not ready to let the mail man deliver the mail with ease.

The cat sat at the window watching as the mailman approached and as soon as he tried to push the mail through the slot in the door, the cat was there to reject it and it pushed it right out, when the mailman tried again, he could not even get it into the slot this time as the cat just pushed its paws right out to prevent anything from getting in.
Later after a struggle with the mailman’s glove, the cat decides to take the mail and just pulled it right in but rejects the letter but seems to have a change of heart after sometime and also accepts the letter.

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