She looked like she was about to be a victim of Hurricane Harvey. Then a neighbour spotted her.

February 20, 2018 Dogs

This poor dog was tied to a pole with her leash and the waters were rising above her paws. It looked like she was about to be a victim of Hurricane Harvey.
This poor baby was soaked and abandoned. It looked like every human left before the storm began.
Ruaridh Connellan was a photographer assigned to take pictures during the storm when he saw the dog. He crossed the flood water and untied her. She wagged her tail happily as she was brought to safe grounds.
This dog is now called Lucky. Poor Lucky was left tied to a pole by her owners outside of the trailer where they lived. They lived just outside of the town of Victoria.
Her owners and all of the neighbors took off before the flooding started.

Before: This scared dog was discovered by Ruaraidh Connellan who was a photographer for the He was able to cross the flood to untie this dog and save her.
It is unclear whether she was left there by accident or on purchase. She was lucky that the photographer came along.
She was so happy that she led to photographer to help her friends. They saved another dog that was a pitbull mix, two cats, and a little pony.

Hero: Connellan named the dog Lucky. After being saved she wanted to play. The next day she went right up to Connellan who gave her plenty of food and fresh water.
The other dog was also tired up but the leash was able to reach land that was dry. Lucky was in a very dangerous place.
Connellan could not stop worrying about the dog.

Lucky seemed to be doing well. He was happy to be greeted by her. Lucky and the other animals were scared but for the time being they are safe.

Friends: Lucky was with a pitbull mix, two cats ,and a pony. Local animal control has been contacted and these animals are considered abandoned. They are safe but will need someone to take care of them soon.
Connellan has contacted animal and asked about adapting Lucky. Animal control has become overwhelmed by this hurricane.
Connellan and Lucky have formed a bond and he is happy to help her. He plans on taking Lucky back to New York with him but has to fill out the proper paperwork.

According to Connellan he feels good about saving these animals and thinks Lucky would have drowned if she was left tired to the tree.