Lonely Dog Sits Outside Target and Won’t Budge – Then Shoppers Read The Sign Around His Neck

October 28, 2017 Dogs


The Internet is awash with stories of people who neglect their pets. Most of those irresponsible dog owners will ditch their dogs in a public location and place a sign around their necks asking someone to take care of them.

One lonely dog sat outside Target with a sign on his neck. Contrary to other dogs, Jackson was well taken care of. The adorable golden retriever stole the show and everyone wanted to take him home.

Most shoppers assumed he was abandoned till they read the sign on his neck. The sign said Jackson’s owner was in the store and the dog was patiently waiting outside.

The dog’s owner, Steve Moore, adopted the dog from the shelter. He spent a few months training him to ignore all distractions. The training involved a lot of trips and treats as the dog perfected his impulse-control skills.

The dog got a lot of attention but he sits still waiting for his owner to return. Steve is amazed that everyone wants to take him home yet a few days ago nobody wanted him.

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