Lonely and hopeless dog just sits on the sidewalk, gets a new lease of life when kind rescuers step in

October 20, 2018 Dogs

When the Southern California-based animal rescue shelter Hope For Paws got a call about a tiny, furry four-legged friend lying dejectedly on the sidewalk, they knew this poor pooch needed to find a forever home.

Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar got into the car with longtime shelter rescuer Loreta Frankonyte in hopes of heading out to coax the dog to come with them, where they could then whisk her away, wash the streets off of her forever, and nurse and dote upon her until they found her a forever home.

When they arrived at the site of her hope-devoid resting spot on the sidewalk, though, they realized just how dire things had gotten for the poor pup.

Hope For Paws rescuer Loreta Frankonyte whisks Cindy Lou off her feet after surrendering to their kindness.Many abandoned dogs get jumpy or distrustful of humans when the Hope For Paws crew shows up to rescue the animals.

In perhaps a chilling testament to just how lonely she was, though, this particular dog—whom Frankonyte dubbed Cindy Lou—when they came across her, had been so starved for affection that it barely took more than the promise of a cheeseburger to get her to approach her rescuers.

As a precautionary measure, Hagar had Frankonyte lead the dog down into a side alley so they could secure the area before proximity to roads created a hazard.

Once trapped, Cindy Lou realized there was no escape and it didn’t take much for her to surrender to her kind rescuers, trusting them enough to let them slip on a leash and hoist her off forever, giving a smile and a peck on the nose before leaving the alleyway.

Soon, the tiny dog was at a vet and wagging her tail—a complete turn of spirits—now realizing that she was truly saved. She got a bath and headed to a foster home, where she’s waiting on a forever home to take her in.

With her still-present ability to trust good people, though, it shouldn’t be too hard.

The rescued dog happily frolics with Hagar and Frankonyte in a picturesque park.

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