Little Kid Starts An Argument With The Family Dog. I Think She’s Making A Point!

September 7, 2017 Dogs

We’ve come across a few videos of kids throwing tantrums against their parents. We’ve also been treated some “juicy” scenes of pets trying to put up an argument against their owners. Sometimes, even the owners reprimand their pets when they catch them on the wrong side of house rules. Now we’ve something new!

This video was captured and posted, and now people are going all “gaga” over it. From the look of it, this little lady is really upset!

The clip shows this cute toddler standing up against a big dog seated on the couch. Apparently, the kid is not happy about something, and she has decided to make it known. Even more interestingly, the culprit in this case is the big dog. This toddler is really angry about something the dog did!

Watch as she tries to explain some points to the dog. The dog sits calmly trying to understand her point. Although you can’t really get her words, she seems ready enough to put her argument across as clearly as possible. This lady!

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