Little Girl is Led to The Barn by Family’s Cat Only to Discover Her Parents’ Huge Secret

October 1, 2017 Stories

Remember when you were a little kid andyou just couldn’t wait to see what you weregetting for Chrismas? What did you wish for? Most kids wish for video games, a new bike, a computer, something like that. But, many wish for something alive, an animal like a kitten, a fuzzy puppy, or even a horse. Well, one little girl named Annie always wanted a horse and so her parents surprised her with one for Christmas.

The special way they surprised her is really cute. So, it’s Christmas morning and Annie’s chasing her kitty who is heading through the snow for the family barn. Now, I don’t know about you but I think it’s amazing that Annie’s parents were able to train that cat to lead her straight to that barn!

When she gets inside, Annie sees her father sitting on the floor and videotaping her entry. Her mother is there, too, and they both look very excited about something. Annie spots a big red bow on one of the stalls and inside is a beautiful horse just for her! She’s amazed and hugs her new friend. This is the best Christmas ever! Thanks, Mom and Dad! And, thanks, Miss Kitty for being so smart and bringing me out to the barn!