Little girl cradles newly-adopted puppy and sings him lullaby – Now watch his reaction

October 7, 2018 Videos

Would you rather adopt a pet from a rescue center or get one from a pet shop? This video will help you make a decision!

Oakley is a cute dog. The Labrador lived in an animal shelter until Lauren Malone’s family showed up and changed his life forever. They adopted him and took him home. While some people might lash out at the family for adopting an unknown dog when they’ve kids at home, it’s still not lost on the rest of us that not every dog at the rescue center is a bad dog. In fact, most of those cuties are pretty friendly. So where’s the problem?

The evidence? Watch this video and witness the kind of lovely relationship this little girl cultivated with Oakley. She even sings him lullabies. On this occasion, her mom couldn’t help capturing her in action. The dog’s reaction to the pampering love is priceless. The song is so moving that the dog fell asleep in the girl’s arms!

This is amazing. Watch and SHARE this incredible scene now. One more reason to adopt a pet!