They Left Their Dog Outside in Snow With No Food, Water Or Shelter. Now They’re Getting What They Deserve

January 15, 2018 Dogs

Leaving a house pet outside in the snow has very predictable and tragic results. It’s certainly enough to get people facing animal cruelty charges. A couple is being charged with animal cruelty after they left their English Bulldog out in the freezing cold without so much as any basic shelter, any food, or any water. The dog literally had a bowl that was filled with frozen water, and another bowl that was completely empty, illustrating the desperation of the situation.

animal cruelty

The dog was fortunately recovered in time, with both members of the couple getting the animal cruelty charges that they deserved. The rescuers found that the dog was completely emaciated and had dry and flaking skin. The poor creature also had a terrible bleeding scab. The couple actually tried to claim that the dog was not being left outside all the time, but a quick glance at the poor animal would be enough to make it clear that this was not the case. No animal that was only left outside briefly would be in this sort of physical condition.

animal cruelty

Fortunately, the dog was taken to the vet in time. Both members of the couple were arrested. They were released on bonds totaling over a thousand dollars each, however, and both are going to need to appear in court in order to resolve all of these issues. It seems that the dog is ultimately going to be all right. However, the dog is obviously not going to be living with this two terribly neglectful individuals anymore.

Getting individual dogs adopted can be difficult in a lot of cases. However, it does happen all the time. Getting the dog healthy again should be the main priority for everyone involved at present, and that’s what the specialists and professionals are focusing on in the meantime.