He Was Left By Dad At The Vet And Went Missing, See What The Security Cameras Recorded

May 31, 2017 Videos

We’ve come across numerous clips and stories of pets that have been trained on various tricks, but you can be sure we haven’t come across anything like this, until now!

General is a cool dog that seems to have a good mind of his own, and this video here is enough proof that this dog is “almost human.”

One day, his family needed to go on vacation, and they needed a place to leave General while they were out. They took him to an animal hospital and left him there. The dog was locked up in a kernel, and that didn’t make him happy. But General isn’t the kind to brood too much!

General had trained himself in opening doors, and that knowledge proved useful when he found himself inside this kernel. He spent the night planning his escape. He even got a little scratch on his nose while trying out his move. And then he did it!

It was all captured on video. This dog opened the kernel and walked out like a boss! He was later found having a nice time at a neighbor’s backyard.

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