Husky Puppy And His Owner Have An Adorable Disagreement

October 6, 2017 Dogs

This Husky puppy has something to say and he is not going to shut his mouth until he gets it all out! He and his owner are having a conversation and this pup is not very happy with how it is proceeding. It is hilarious to see these two having such a playful, yet heated conversation! When you watch the video, you will have to decide who wins the argument but there is no denying that pup put his foot in his mouth!
What an adorable pair these two are! They truly love each other a lot but they are just having a difference of opinion. The owner says this pup is still a baby and should not talk back to grownups. This pup does not care about manners, he just wants to have the last word. If you know anything about Huskies, this video is going to be familiar to you. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.