Hunters Pose For A “Trophy” Picture After Killing A Lion. What Follows Seconds Later..

September 19, 2017 Stories

What do you feel when people hurt your best friend? You feel like doing something to hit back. You want to get some retribution for the injustice done to your loved one. Maybe that’s the case in this video. This should be a lesson to all out there!

So these two humans, a man and a lady, are trophy hunters; people who kill animals just for fun. They’re particularly fixated on the lions, so they go out into the wild and shoot one. After that, and with the big cat still dead before them, they want to take a few photos to keep a memory of their superior conquest. Well, they go ahead and take photos, even getting behind the “heap” of the dead creature and smiling. They’re talking and laughing about their hunting success. That’s when something really scary happens!

The man gets up, probably to reset the camera, while the lady remains behind the dead lion. Unbeknown to them, this lion had friends, and one of them isn’t happy about his murder. Well, you’ll have to watch this and see for yourself. What?!
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