Hungry triplets spot their bottles from the end of hall – Footage of their ‘race’ to food has internet in stitches

April 3, 2018 Stories

One mom has the perfect trick to get her triplet boys to enjoy their meal time. However, they have to accomplish something first.

The three boys, Brandon, Christian, and Aiden, watch as mom place their feeding bottles where they can see them. The boys’ desire to eat is strong and their competitive nature plays out as they head towards their meal.

The boys’ battle it out leaving their mother in stitches.

The boys are not old enough to make the rules of the game but they seem to understand each other. They begin to army crawl and mom has a fun way of encouraging the boys.
Mom cheers them on as the triplets fight for the ultimate prize. It is a fun way of making mealtime enjoyable. It is hilarious as mom captures the ambitious trek.

Vanessa, the mother’s triplets shared the footage of her boys in action.

There’s no easy way to get your kids to eat good foods, but this mom successfully turned meal time into a fun game. This video is proof that babies are a continual source of joy for the people in their lives. Watch the full “race” in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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