Huge leopard is taking a nap inside the cage – now watch carefully when a hand reaches to pet him

May 20, 2018 Other

I don’t know what people think when they see it fit to cage up an animal just to use them from breeding. These animals have lives, and they need love and freedom. What’s the big deal?!

For so long, some nasty people kept this leopard in captivity. They used him for endless breeding. To make his life even more miserable, they decided to cut off his claws. So inhumane!

Luckily for the Leopard, fate finally smiled upon him and he got rescued by the good guys from Cedar Cove Tiger Park. They took him in and showered him with love and affection. They fed and treated him. They called him Voodoo, and he sure is one heck of a happy thing!

The video here captures one of those cool moments when Voodoo is in a good mood. Not that he’s ever in a bad one, but in this case, he’s all taken for giving thanks to people who show him some love. So when this guy reaches out to pet him, Voodoo responds in the nicest and most touching manner possible. You hear that sound?!

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