Hotel Cleaner Pulls Bed Cover And Discovers Pile Of Cash — But After Reading Note, She’s In Total Disbelief

February 17, 2018 Other

Do you really ever know what kind of work a hotel cleaner has to do to make the rooms spotlessly clean for the visitors who never seize to come to the hotel for a night? In the video below, which was shot by Josh and Kyle from Give Back Films, we see how one hotel cleaner reacted when she was surprised.

While this hotel cleaner was doing her duty in one of the rooms, she spotted something beneath the bed sheets. Josh and Kyle from Give Back Films, had in fact left some money and a note under the sheets for the hotel cleaner. This was like a present for all the hard work that she had been doing at the hotel since she was hired. She got that job of cleaning when the former cleaner quit. Actually, she had a very tight work schedule and above all, she managed to get everything in order.

Speaking, the manager said that they wanted to give her a try as she was looking for work and she never had money, and at the end she really had done a wonderful job.

When she discovered that the $500 left at the bed by Josh and Kyle was hers, she could not help tears coming out of her eyes.
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