“Hot” Cop Pulls Her Over, Then She Gets Out of Her Car and Goes Off On Hilarious Rant Over Him

May 25, 2018 Stories

Cops are and will always be the appreciated heroes of the neighborhoods. They help protect the public from the bad guys, and that’s something we love them for. These people literally put their lives at risk for all of us. That’s why you’ll love what this comedian did to a cop. It’s just great!

Jennifer Jermany is known for her ability to crack people’s ribs at short notice. She’s a talented comedian who doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to making up hilarious stuff. On this occasion, she decided to both make some jokes and appreciate the works of a good cop. Her style will leave you on the floor!

She said he’s hot! It all started when this cop, Officer Scott Schrieffer, pulled her over. He was so calm and friendly that Jennifer couldn’t help stepping out of the car to express her appreciation. She said that he’s so hot and well-mannered, he can actually bring peace in the Middle East! This is both hilarious and fulfilling!
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