Homeless Dog Falls for Soldier in Iraq, Loses it When She Sees Him in The Airport

December 3, 2017 Stories

The SPCA International helped reunite a stray dog with one of the soldiers who befriended her while he was stationed in Iraq. A medivac helicopter pilot and his friends made her a kennel to sleep in and made her part of the team. They made sure she was safe and ate, and she made sure they got the boosts of morale they needed to keep going.

After signing the paperwork, she is let out of the kennel and makes a short beeline for the man she remembers. Dogs never forget those who love them and make them part of their pack. Even though she is a lot bigger, he still picks her up and holds her. With her tail wagging happily, she rewards her soldier friend with a kiss. Now, instead of sand to scorch her feet, she will have grass and trees in her environment. He reveals he was worried that she would not be able to make it to the USA, and is very thankful for everyone involved who helped get her back to him. Soldiers often have to leave animals behind once they leave their active duty status, regardless if they are military-issued or not.
Fortunately, this pair was able to be reunited.