‘Homeless Choir’ Takes The Stage At Carnegie Hall, Brings Everyone To Tears The Moment They Start Singing

December 25, 2017 Other

Being the anchor for the “Heroes Among Us” segment aired on The Today Show and Hoda Kotb had the chance to invite and talk about various interesting guests and topics. This time around, she decided to introduce something incredible!

It is the Dallas Street Choir. Led by Dr. Jonathan Palant since its inception in 2014, this choir has touched and changed many lives. In fact, over 1,200 people have benefitted from this great initiative.

All they have to do is sing their hearts out and cast out their sorrows. They’re homeless, but they are wealthy at heart. You get to realize that the moment they stand onstage at the Carnegie Hall in New York and start out on their incredible performance. They are making history!

They are doing it! No other group of homeless people has ever set foot to sing on the Carnegie Hall stage. Besides, these people took a flight all the way from Dallas to New York to do this, and it is just amazing.
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