Hero dog fights off coyotes and protects owner for 2 days after fatal car crash – gets big award

January 27, 2019 Stories


A dog was recently acknowledged for saving a wounded youngster in the wilds. Sako, a King Shepherd, was raised in the unified society of Kanaka Bar, British Columbia surrounded family and friends.

He is especially fond of Joseph Phillips-Garcia, and his love would make Sako to go out of his way to defend his loved one.

Joseph was fishing one day on the mountains and picking wild potatoes and with his pals, aunt and Sako. Their vehicle moved away from the road and crashed as they were coming back home. Joseph and Sako survived the accident.

Joseph got severely wounded and could hardly move as his bone poked out of his leg. He was in and out of consciousness. Sako laid next to Joseph and stayed with him for the three days and two nights they were stuck.

The dog helped Joseph light fire and moved him to an adjacent stream to drink water. He protected Joseph from coyotes and other animals near the accident sites.

The teen stated that as they were falling asleep, they could hear some howls and Sako got up immediately he noted that the smell was getting nearer and he just got in. You can hear their fighting and the rumbling of bushes.

The duo was saved 40 hours later after being reported missing. Joseph would have been dead were it not for Sako. Sako was initiated into the 47th Animal Hall of Fame by Purina.

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