Helpless Dog Trapped in a Well Has Tear-Jerking Reaction When He Finally Sees Rescuers

October 25, 2017 Dogs

There are about 30 million stray dogs in India. Fortunately, there are organizations such as Animal Aid Unlimited that rescue the helpless animals.

Animal Aid Unlimited receives numerous calls about animals that need urgent help. One person found a dig that had drowned in a well. It was struggling to stay afloat. The rescue team quickly mobilized and arrived at the scene.

The canine was clinging to the sides of the well and appeared exhausted. It was hard to tell how long the dog had been there.

The dog would occasionally lose her grip and swim in the water for some time. The rescuers knew they had to act fast.

One of the rescuers volunteered to lower himself into the well. He had a net with him to capture the dog.

The dog knew help had arrived and swam right up to the man.

The man held the poor animal into his arms and placed her safely on the net. She was in solid and safe ground at last.

The dog was rushed to the vet where her wounds were treated. She received some love too.
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