Heavily pregnant woman steps onto dance floor – makes everyone’s jaws drop with wild salsa routine

December 4, 2018 Stories

Pregnancy can affect all women differently. Some can lay bedridden for days on end, unable to keep meals down. Others, meanwhile, can be more active and productive than ever before.

For most, above all else growing a baby is a journey, one that will hopefully end in unparalleled joy that a mother can reflect on until the end of her days.

Of course, having a loving and supportive family along for the ride is of great benefit. The ideal scenario is that expecting parents can continue to live as normally as possible while they wait for their little one to grow …

That’s certainly a way of thinking the woman in the video below has embraced. She was in the 35th week of her pregnancy (close to nine months), but that wasn’t going to stop her doing salsa. Instead she took to the floor as usual, gliding around in a sumptuous dress and high heels!

According to the UK British Baby Centre, dancing is a great way to stay active during pregnancy. So long as you have not been specifically advised otherwise, it’s a great way to ensure you keep moving while you wait for your little boy or girl – it’s safe and fun!

Not only do most dances help one with their rhythm, but they also strengthen muscles and help stamina. Obviously it’s wise to take it slow in the beginning, but as soon as you feel comfortable then there’s no problem upping the speed.

It really is wonderful to see how the mom in this clip moves. Not only is she enjoying herself, but she’s putting on a perfect show for other mom’s around the world!

Over 10 million people have now seen the video! Watch it below: