Heartbreaking Scenes From Funeral Of Australian Firefighter Andrew O’Dwyer

January 11, 2020 Stories


Many bushfires that have been raging in Australia for months have claimed 25 casualties since September.

Nearly 2,000 homes were burned, and more than 500 million wildlife were lost in the fire.

The internet has also been overwhelmed by touching funeral scenes these days, where they said goodbye to volunteer firefighter Andrew O’Dwyer. There was no lack of emotional scenes at the funeral, and his little daughter attracted worldwide attention.

Volunteer firefighter Andrew O’Dwyer is one of two victims who lost their lives during a firefight near the small town of Buxton in the Australian state of Victoria.

At the funeral, guest paid a tribute to Andrew with haka dance, considered a traditional war dance by New Zealand native Maoors. Tradition has also taken hold in many places in Australia, and with the dance they want to carry the soul of the deceased past the obstacles on their way to eternal rest.

At the funeral there was also a one-year-old daughter of a late firefighter who received a medal for courage and bravery on behalf of her father.