He starts singing ‘The Prayer’ – but 90 seconds into song, his voice suddenly changes, and it’s going viral

February 15, 2019 Stories

There are many difficult songs that even professional singers find them difficult to cover. “The Prayer” is one of these songs, and yet the young Marcelito Pomoy was able to do both the male and female vocalists parts… all by himself.

Marcelito was more than capable of singing both soprano and tenor pieces, that is why we’re not even surprised that his cover of ‘The Prayer’ has gone viral…

Marcelito and his sister were adopted by a kind cop when they were kids, he took care of them and supported them, but he had no idea that the young Marcelito is hiding this incredible talent.

Even Marcelito didn’t know that he’s able to sing both low and high pitches so perfectly until he grew up.

It was after trying to sing that he suspected something special is inside of him. He started to practice and then later, he applied – and got in – on Pilipinas Got Talent.

With his amazing voice, he managed to win over the hearts of millions,.Marcelito eventually won the second season of the show!

Now, Marcelito took his way towards fame and success with two albums. These days, he’s a world-famous artist who boasts a vocal range most singers can only envy!

Listen to his incredible cover of ‘The Prayer’ in the video below. You will absolutely love it!

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