Hauser From 2Cellos Plays “My Heart Will Go On” Together With Benedetta Caretta

November 8, 2019 Other

Stjepan Hauser is a 33-year-old cellist from Croatia, known by many as a member of the 2Cellos music duo, which also features Luka Šulić from Slovenia.

These days, he posted a clip with the beauty online as they performed the well-known song from the movie Titanic.

HAUSER, Youtube
In a video posted by the sympathetic Croat on his Youtube channel, he and the beautiful Benedetta Caretta sang the world-famous hit “My Heart Will Go On”, originally performed by Celine Dion.

The song is well known to everyone thanks to the movie Titanic, which saw the light of the world back in 1997.

The singing performance of Stjepan Hauser and beautiful Benedetta Caretta has already impressed many online – Stjepan also posted it on his Facebook page, reaching over 1.4 million views with it in less than a day. Listen to a great performance that reaps records and takes your breath away!