A Group of Tough Bikers Works to Protect Severely Abused and Traumatized Children and Teens

June 7, 2017 Videos

Many people don’t think of bikers when they think of the people who are working to protect children. The idea of a biker gang working to help victims of child abuse is a visually and emotionally arresting image. The bikers in this video benefit from that image, and it allows them to work that much more effectively towards their cause.

The girl in this video was abused by her stepfather, severely traumatized by the incident, and was forced to testify against him in court after three years. The bikers were willing to do everything from guard her house so she would feel that she could sleep safely at night to driving her to the courthouse themselves. These very tough-looking men and women are going to be scarier than most abusers, which is part of why their work is effective. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is both fascinating and heartwarming at the same time.