Grandma battling cancer offers her last $100 to keep her repossessed car, but dealership has other plan

December 26, 2017 Stories

Dealing with the unending bills that life throws at us can be at times overpowering. It is thus marvelous when something incredible happens to reduce somebody’s load.

A granny from Cincinnati, Ohio, Michelle England, has been experiencing a lot of problems. In 2014, she beat breast cancer, but it came back in 2017. Michelle could not work because of fatigue from her chemotherapy treatments but tried to pay for her car, energy and house bills.

Unfortunately, she failed to make her car payments on time. The car was thus taken back.

She began taking a bus to chemotherapy, but the nearby stop was a 20-minute away from her home. Determined to repossess her car Michelle gathered her last and only $100 and went to the Tri-State Auto Sales dealership eager to persuade them not resell her vehicle until she pays the remaining cash.

The car dealership staff had known Michelle for several years, remembering her as always jolly even when everything was hard. Once Michelle gave them the $100 check, they couldn’t accept it. Instead, the dealership had resolved to reveal to her the critical gift: paid for her car.

They changed the tires, serviced the car, topped off fuel, and checked the fluids and brakes.

Michelle was touched by the unanticipated gift, and the kindness this company had shown. She stated that they were like angels for her because people can feel like no one is there for you but this was a perfect example.
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