Graceful ballerinas walk on stage to dance – But it’s the tiny one in middle who’s stealing everyone’s hearts

January 11, 2018 Other

It is known that little girls love to dance and some of them dream to grow up and become a beautiful ballerina. However, Not all dreams come true, and few are lucky to make it happen.

Little Audrey Nethery knew she has to do it at least once in her lifetime, and she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to dance with her idols even if it’s in front of the whole nation.

Audrey is a tiny girl, but she is in fact 8-year-old. This is due to a bone marrow disease named Diamond Blackfan Anemia which prevents the body to produce enough red cells to transport the oxygen to the tissues in her body.

In addition to this disease, Audrey also suffers from cleft palate and has a hole in her heart, so Audrey has some difficult health issues to deal with but she’s strong enough to not let these diseases take her down and stop her from living her life to the fullest, she is little at age and body, but she is a huge inspiration to many people around the globe.

Audrey loves to share her talent with the world. she already has a YouTube channel with 360,000 followers, and when the New York City ballet knew of her dream, they decided to make it true for her.

Audrey recieved an offer from one of the professional ballerinas and she couldn’t refuse it. Audrey is going to be able to join some of the ballerinas on stage to perform a section from Christmas classic, ‘The Nutcracker’.

The day has come, donning her cute pink leotard and wearing her little ballet slippers, Audrey excitingly rehearsed with the ballerinas and steals the show and the crowd’s hearts with a flawless dance routine. We can see the emotional reaction of mom watching her little daughter living her dream.

Watch the beautiful performance where Audrey enjoys doing what she always wished for, something she probably never expected it would happen one day.
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