Girl doesn’t recognize she’s sitting next to the musician whose songs she’s listening to – then things escalate hilariously

April 11, 2018 Stories


Probably everyone daydreams about coming across or meeting our favorite celebrity, getting the chance for a casual conversation, picture or an autograph is like living the dream. One lucky girl got the whole chance to sit next to her favorite musician, however, Alicia, the lucky fan was so unaware of it. Dotan, the musician in question, was the one who shared the whole funny experience live on Twitter with his followers.

The 31-year-old Dutch singer-songwriter when he noticed that the girl next to him is actually listening to his full album, song by song. As they started chatting, It quickly became clear that Alicia has no idea about her flight companion’s identity. Despite giving her many hints amid their conversation, the musician took one of his followers’ advice and decided to leave her note after landing. Read down below how the situation unfolded and how the girl finally reacted in the end.

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Dotan is a 31-year-old Dutch musician who met his oblivious fan while on a flight

He shared the interaction live with his Twitter followers last July

After getting off plane the girl read the note and soon realized her mistake