Gifted teen sings “Hallelujah” like an angel, but when orchestra kicks in things become pure heaven

October 4, 2019 Other

Countless artists have tried to cover the famous Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah”, but this has to be one of the few that touched hearts of millions people and became, in a very short time, viral.

In the video, McKenna Breinholt, a 16-year-old girl who has become a viral sensation with her stirring performance of the beloved song “Hallelujah.” McKenna teamed up with the Cinematic Pop Orchestra and Choir to perform the song, and they immediately blow everyone away!

McKenna’s performance took place at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona, and the way her voice meshes with the orchestra is truly something to behold. The song opens with the soft sounds of the instruments playing together, and when McKenna joins in, the result is pure magic!

By the time the choir finally joins McKenna and the orchestra, the audience is completely transfixed by what is happening before them. This is definitely a performance that captivated the audience.

Video of McKenna’s performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over five million times!

“McKenna absolutely nails this song. Beautiful beyond words, the only rival to it is when Cohen himself sang it and he did not have her voice,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “That is the best of music, it never ends. Because always are talented people that created new wonderful versions, and even improved ones. Congratulations, and thank you for such a beautiful work.”

“when i hit play from my facebook feed, i thought, great, another cohen hallelujah cover,” a third user commented. “But my feelings of skepticism were (fortunately) misplaced. beautiful rendition, cinematic pop. very grateful for the talent, energy and attention to detail evident in your productions. thank you!”

Check out the performance for yourself below!

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