Giant Elk visits elderly widow every day and something beautiful happens between these two friends

December 17, 2017 Pets

This video offers a glimpse into such a beautiful moment. The woman in this video lost her husband and has been alone. Now, she has a friend that visits every day to keep her company. This most unexpected friend is an Elk and he is there to enjoy the woman’s treats and her kindness. What a beautiful friendship these two share!

Without fail, this Elk has been visiting his friend day after day. The visit provides the Elk with comfort and brings a smile to the elderly woman’s face. Enjoy watching this beautiful video and make sure to SHARE with your friends on Facebook.

This is beautiful! Every day this big, beautiful elk comes to this house to visit an elderly widow, who greets him with treats, gentle petting, and words of kindness ??Credit: Caters News Agency

Publié par NTD Inspired Life sur samedi 29 juillet 2017